How To Get Into College? Be a Good Person.

college app picOn Tuesday the Washington Post Parenting section had an article titled “Want your child to get into college and have a good life? Here’s how” and it’s a great read. It reminds parents to focus on teaching their kids to be good people – there’s more to life than ACT scores and college entry.  In fact, the author discusses listening to your children and guiding them toward their own, unique hopes and dreams, which may not include an elite college.  Deeper engagement in the community, a commitment to one club, being a good family member – these things have meaning and are hard to quantify on a college application, even in the essay. There’s a whole life awaiting these kids AFTER college – let’s think about preparing them for that, too.  At some point the college admissions process will change, the author writes, but not until we demand that it does – and in the meantime, we have the power, as parents, to change how we view and present the entire thing. Let’s use our power for good.

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